Angel Kiss Kards and Gifts Heavenly Made and Angel Kissed

Angel Kiss Kards & Gifts started in November 2011. All products are handcrafted and uniquely individual.Our products are 
designed to appeal to the heart and the soul of those who love Angels in all their glory. We strive to provide products that are exclusive and exceptional. We believe our products will bring delight, comfort and joy to those who buy them and to those who receive them.  Our product line is ever increasing to encompass the variety and distinctiveness we believe to be the
characteristics of angels. It is our sincere desire to provide unparalleled integrity and outstanding customer service to all of our customers. We value you as a customer and will make every effort to ensure you are satisfied both with our products and our staff.
Our founder, Mary K. Mucker started her Angel Kiss Kards & Gifts journey with a vision of making greeting cards for all
occasions. Then she added Teddy bears that were suitable for all from little babies to mature adults. After retiring from the
telecommunications industry and the U.S. Navy, crafting became a full time source of enjoyment. Keeping in line with the
angel theme, she began making angels created from kitchen towels and pot holders. The product line then evolved into angel earrings, angel and heart sachets, angel key chains, angel book markers, angel charms and quilling angels making them into magnets. All the products produced have not made their way to the Online Store but are coming soon. All products are
designed and made by Ms. Mucker with tender loving care in her home state of California. We wish you peace and grace.
Thank you for choosing Angel Kiss Kards & Gift.